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About Us

I've been a fitness and sports performance coach since 2000, working it full-time until 2007, and keeping up with things on a part-time basis while doing some coaching jobs for sports and fitness on the side ever since.

Currently I work at a college during the day and I'm the club advisor for a running club on campus for students who want to compete in XC or Track & Field as independent, unattached athletes from our college. I also help with sports information work with game recaps and social media updates.

I'm also an avid cyclist and repairman of bicycles out of a home business I operate for restoration projects and basic fixes on modern bicycles. I still run now and then, but don't race as often as I used to. 

I really miss helping people out with their fitness goals and objectives and the internet has given me a great opportunity to still do that with programs to develop and advice to give through many methods.  It could be as e-books, blog posts, videos, many ways are available now, which were somewhat limited by the time I got out of full-time training.  Never imagined a person could do a live video through your phone in the days of dial-up internet, for example. 

Please let me know if there is any way I can help you with your goals.  Daily habit changing is a big part of achieving goals and sometimes that takes a lot of coaching and assistance to get through.

Fit XT Solutions is here for you!

- Coach Rick Karboviak