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I'm Fitness Coach Rick Karboviak.

I've helped people back in my days as a full-time trainer in gyms and with at-home workouts, and continued to help many people after my full-time trainer days and have assisted people with mainly at-home workouts and running plans.  

I've had a series of guides on Amazon Kindle that have helped many people with their running and kettlebell workouts, such as "Just The Workouts" and "Kettlebell XL".

 Many people pursuing a change in lifestyle with a fitness program will fall into a camp of "More Is Always Better", and get injured or simply burnt out in the process because they can't find adequate workouts to fit into their busy lives.

Does that sound familiar to you?

Ever struggled in the same way before?

Not Any More!


My training e-book, "Fit XT: Solutions That Work", is a guide to help you avoid burnout, become focused and motivated again, and help you along the way by following time-tested advice and programming.



In Fit XT, you'll discover:

That simple fitness solutions can be found in the most unlikely of places

That you can save a lot of money by simply buying inexpensive fitness equipment for your home (yes, even at a dollar store!)

*Get a special report on this budget-saving fitness fix right here!*


These items above were all purchased at a bargain dollar store: Bands, rollers, push-up handles, all for less than $30!


That you can use simple dumbbells, barbells and other items at your gym and not get stuck in a fitness rut


You can combine a little bit of everything safely into a workout of 20 to 30 minutes


Just a handful of items is all that it takes to get in a variety-filled, total body workout!


You can help yourself save some time for working out by investing in a few key items for muscle readiness and recovery


Sometimes all you really need is a fitness coach to guide you, especially if you can't afford or set aside times to meet with a trainer for each and every workout!


I created Fit XT to help you find those simple solutions!


Fit XT has 3 quick and simple solutions for strength and cardio needs:

3 main workout circuits that focus on Lower body, Upper body, and Core movements within a week

3 days of optional work for cross-training: kettlebells, bodyweight circuits, or your favorite cardio choice such as running, cycling, ellipticals, stair steppers, etc.

Into lifting some HEAVY stuff now and then?

There is a special "Eggs & Deadlifts" Plan for those interested in some heavy barbell/dumbbell workouts, too!

There's a little something for everyone when it comes to Fit XT!


When you purchase Fit XT: Solutions That Work, you'll be invited to a special Private Facebook page to join, where others are using the Fit XT Weekly Plans, and you'll get coaching directly from me!

There will be videos of me doing the main Fit XT workouts to view, if you're total new to exercise and want to simply follow along.  There are no DVD's to purchase, just join in on the videos, on your own time that works for you!

Another special bonus:

I have added in my classic running program,

7 Weeks to 7 Minutes!

It is a specific 7 week plan to help whittle down your mile time from 9 minutes to 8, from 8 to 7 and 7 to 6 minutes for a mile!

A lot of running programs are geared towards 5K's, 10K's and full/half Marathon programs. 

This is geared towards the Mile as a different focus for your running. 

It is the perfect little solution to add a big boost to your running performance!


I've included my Special Report: Jumping Into Shape: Using The Jump Rope for Fitness, Speed, Agility & Endurance, in this package too!

Most jump ropes are around $4 to $5 in cost.

See how this low-cost item can truly be one of the best fitness-improving tools in your collection!


So, all in all, Here is what you GAIN when you get Fit XT:

The 3 Fit XT 20 Minute Circuits - Lower, Upper and Core!

Videos to view in our Private Facebook Coaching Group!

The "Eggs & Deadlifts" Barbell Lifting Plan!

The "7 Weeks To 7 Minutes" Running Plan!

Finally, the "Jumping Into Shape" Special Report on Jump Rope Training!


Right now, you can purchase my Fit XT training guide for only $4.99!



Capture all this information in one complete guide on Amazon Kindle!

Order Today!




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